Monday, September 1, 2008

The Last Day of Summer

I've bought my whistle and am ready to go. Tomorrow I will start my new job as ESL and Phys-ed teacher and I can't wait. I love the summer, but by the end I'm always a bit antsy and craving the routine of working life again. I had fun setting up my ESL room last week and meeting a few of my colleagues. They are great and I'm looking forward to stepping into a supportive and friendly environment. This is my fifth school in five years of teaching, so I'm hoping I can stick around for awhile at this one. New beginnings also means the chance to also work on a few of the million and one changes and goals I've been thinking about this summer. Pressing the reset button is a good thing!

I'll post some pictures of summer highlights soon, but for now I'm off to celebrate my last official day of it at my first ever rib fest...and then, let the new season begin!


richbirch said...


We've been praying for teachers and students today at Connexus! Hope you have a fantastic start to the year.

Go get 'em! (In a good sort of "getttin' em" sort of way.)


ben, tam, and rowyn smith said...

Hope today was great! :) Yay for ESL and phys ed!!!!!