Monday, December 15, 2008


Our friend Mrs. Maphosa - Home-based care worker at Mtshabezi

AIDS kits in Swaziland from Canada

21 kits our home church put together

This past month at The Meeting House we've been putting together AIDS kits through MCC. Joel and I decided to head up the project within our homechurch since this is something we really care about. We challenged our group to think about ways of giving sacrifically to help someone else in need and they were up for the challenge. We exceeded our goal and put together 21 kits. I'm really excited of the generosity of our group, but I'm even more excited about the people who will benefit from these kits. One of our good friends in Zimbabwe, Mrs. Maphosa, is a home-based care worker. I remember her coming to the AIDS office where we worked and asked if there were any kits she could give out. There were none at the time. While she gave her time and energy visiting people in the village, doing whatever she could to help, she really wanted to be able to give her patients something. These kits are that 'something' that can really help someone suffering with HIV or AIDS. There are many types of kits you can put together. They DO get there...we've seen them on the other side of the world!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! This is awesome, Julianne! I hope we get the opportunity to see some AIDS kits (and other kits) arrive on the other side of the world! We got to see the huge MCC warehouse in PA, where they quality-check all the kits, etc., which was incredible!

Keep up the great work!! :)