Thursday, March 26, 2009

Memories of Guavas

Last week Joel and I enjoyed a wonderful week of relaxation in Cuba. One thing I love about Cuba is that they have guavas. Guavas were a bit part of my life in Zimbabwe. We ate them for many months and would often buy them at the side of the road. But my favourite guava memories involved the kids that lived nearby. I particularly remember one evening when I went with them to the neighbour's tree and watched the littlest ones climb quickly up and drop them down to the others below. That's one of the reasons I want to go back and live in Africa for a few years once we have kids. How often does a kid here get to climb a tree, barefoot and eat amazingly fresh fruit?

Anyways, eating guavas from the otherwise not-so-exciting buffet in Cuba was a highlight for me. They would instantly transport me back to our front porch at Mtshabezi where I'd love to watch the kids play. I miss them. I miss them coming to the door for duck tape repairs on the beach ball we gave them. I miss Posa coming and saying "This is your balloon", his way of asking for a balloon. I miss the songs Silethemba would sing for me. They are beautiful children!

The kids on our porch (Posa in yellow, Silethemba in purple)

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