Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting Fit

One of my main goals this summer is to get in the habit of exercising. I know I wrote about that last December and shortly after I got hired to teach grade 5 and the madness began. Although I would have liked to work-out consistently it definitely wasn't a priority. Now I have a much more relaxed job lined up for September and have a whole summer ahead... no excuses.

I'm all about prevention. Most of my life I've gotten away with eating whatever I want and being active when I feel like it. But with turning 30 less than a year away I know my body is starting to make little changes that will force me to actually do something. I don't have a problem with healthy eating. I crave my daily dose of something sweet, but have never over-indulged on that stuff and would say I have good self-control. I enjoy healthy foods. At the same time, I've decided that this is the last year where I can eat whatever I want. Because eating is less of a problem I want to enjoy one last guilt-free year of it where if I want another brownie, I'll have one. Why? Because you have to give yourself a treat as you finish off your twenties and because I don't think it will be a big deal once I actually give myself some limits.

It's the other half of the health equation that I struggle with. Exercise. While I enjoy that as well I have less self-discipline and fall into the cycle of 3 days at the gym, 3 months off. So I'm going to do something about it. I have a monthly calendar and am writing down my daily exercise. I'm setting weekly goals of how much exercise to do. I want to be realistic and the weeks we go away I know I'll do less. This week my goal is 250 minutes of exercise which I think I can do. I'm off to a good start. While it's wonderful having lots of time to relax, it feels good to get off my butt every once in awhile and sweat. Okay, enough ramblings... can you tell I have more time on my hands?

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