Sunday, July 13, 2008

On the ninth day she rested... and ate!

Well, I did it. I've successfully completed my first week of consistent exercise. My goal was to do 250 minutes this week and I managed 316 minutes and 8 consecutive days. I tried a class at the gym called Body Flow which is a mix of yoga, tai chi and pilates. Although I wasn't sweating buckets it was good to work on my flexibility and balance which are two of my weaknesses. The best part was randomly meeting a teacher who works at my new school and getting to know her a bit. Perhaps a future workout buddy?

Joel and I have also started running together. Our goal is to complete a 10k race in October. We did a running room clinic for a 5k before we got married but all my endurance has gone. We're using their strategy of running a minute, walking a minute and gradually increasing the running each week up to 10 minute sets. We're only at 3 minutes, but each week feels like a mini accomplishment.

This week we are going up north to camp, so my only goal is to do our 3 runs this week. It will probably be the same for the following week as we're still on vacation. I've also been practicing my new strategy of eating whatever I want guilt-free. I think I had about 6 brownies yesterday. Perhaps my previous post where I said I never over-indulge on sweet stuff, wasn't entirely true! :)


ben, tam, and rowyn smith said...

I'm so happy to read all our late June/July posts! Welcome back to regular blogging! Glad your year ended well, and keep running the good race (literally and figuratively). :)

Christine said...

Ahh - the zoo run. I did that one a few years ago. Make sure to train for hills! It was a great challenge! Have fun!