Thursday, January 15, 2009

100 Workouts in 6 months!

I started a new program on January 1st. I've committed to doing 100 workouts in 6 months. I saw the idea on a website, but am making up my own criteria. For me a workout consists of 20 minutes or more of heart rate raising activity. So if you walk for 20 minutes, it has to be brisk! Also, you can't count more than one workout for each day. So if I do cardio and weights at the gym on one day I only count that as one.

I'm hoping this works for me. I've been keep track of my workouts since September and have definitely had times of doing well, and times of no activity. I'm hoping this longer-term goal will help keep me motivated to stay more consistent. I like visuals and little rewards for myself so I created a ticker (see above) of my progress. If you want to join me, let me know! You can make up your own rules of what works for you, and just pick a date 6 months from today. So far I have 2 other people on board with me. Want to make it 3?

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