Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Birthday

The floor needs mopping, the house needs tidying, carrots need to be pureed, I need to shower (do I sound like a mom?), but first I want to quickly reflect on the past year. Today my amazing little boys turn one! How did that happen? In some ways it feels like forever, but it has also flown by, just like everyone said it would. It has been a challenge, but it's also been...dare I say... a little easier than I expected the first year with twins to be. Don't get me wrong, it's busy and there are always new things to figure out, but most days I feel like things are somewhat under control. I guess I pictured constant chaos, little sleep and absolutely no time to myself. Add a few more kids and that might be the case. And they've been pretty laid-back babies.

It's been so amazing watching my little guys grow and develop. Activity time used to be me laying them on a blanket and they might move their arms a bit. Now they are crawling everywhere, climbing onto toys, cruising furniture, laughing, babbling and interacting with each other. It really is so much fun being a mom of twins. I'm excited for the year ahead... walking, talking, new independence and challenges. I have a feeling it'll be a little crazier but we'll figure it out as we go. I love being a mom. I consider it a privilege, not a right. I make mistakes. Sometimes I'm not as loving or as engaged as I should be. I get impatient. I set my standards too high and I get disappointed in myself. But I'm learning and I have so many awesome moms around me to help me out. I'm honoured (and a little intimidated) to be entrusted with the responsibility of raising two little people. With God's help, we'll do our best. Happy Birthday Boys! I'm so thankful for you and love being your mom!

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the smiths said...

I can't believe your boys are one!! Happy birthday!! :)