Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking Back and Ahead

I've been enjoying reading many years in review on blogs and Facebook. 2011 was a pretty simple year for me...being a mom, wife and friend. I saw my boys evolve from lying on a blanket (next time I will appreciate this glorious stage!) to running and daily increasing their vocabulary. We took several trips to the farm and had two wonderful kid-free nights away at Lady Antebellum and Muskoka. We did our best to go on lots of dates and spend time with friends and are thankful for our amazing set of babysitters. I was deeply challenged by the isolation that comes with being a stay-at-home mom, that peaked in the winter and spring months. The fall has been much brighter now that we can get out in the mornings. We've joined several programs and I've met a lot of great moms. It's nice to be part of the outside world again.

Our holidays were absolutely wonderful. We were happy with our attempts to keep Christmas simple and loved watching the boys light up as they opened their stockings and a few presents. We had a great day with Joel's family and despite a failed nap attempt the boys were troopers and were so happy, particularly with the extra attention. Two days later we were with my family doing it all over again. And the best part? We stayed healthy and we were thankful! Joel and I tag-teamed on the parenting front and got a lot done around the house. I did a lot of cooking and now have a freezer full of minestrone, butternut squash black bean soup, chilli and spaghetti sauce. For the first time in our lives we actually paid a babysitter and were able to go out for New Year's Eve, first to a friend's birthday party and then hanging out with good friends who we've started new year with for the past several years, minus last year when in the early months of parenthood we opted to just go to bed.

Aside from the reminder of how fast life is zooming by, I love the new year and a chance for a fresh start. Whether you make them now or throughout the year I think it's important to have goals. Practically I want to be diligent about meal planning and spending less on food. I want to put my clothes away at the end of the day (I know, I'm 30 something and still struggle with this. Shame on me!). I want to continue my quest for a simpler more generous life. Relationally, I want to invest in some new friendships and continue to strengthen the old. I want to pick up the phone more. I want to love my husband better and be a more engaged mom. Spiritually I simply want to learn how to become friends with God. More on that another time. What are your goals for the new year? I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Christmas last year

Christmas this year

Minestrone ready for the freezer


cheryl said...

fun post huls. i think it will be a great year for you and your fam.

Sanele said...

Such a wonderful family!and omw,your boys look so much alike :) Wishing you a prosperous new year!