Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Days

It's 10:39pm and usually too late to be blogging. But my husband is away for the night and since I'm naturally a night owl, no reason to go to bed. We're one week into the summer (at least by the school calendar). This was the first time in years I wasn't sure how to feel about summer. Being a teacher I naturally get summers off which was always welcome. The last two I've been off and in full mommy mode so didn't really notice. I've been working half time for the past several months and for the first time, I felt slightly anxious about summer. How am I going to handle being with the boys all day every day? (even though I had been doing that for 20 months straight before that). Because I'm only working one day a week next year (minus a few supply jobs) this is not only the beginning of the summer but the beginning, or restart, of being with my boys most of the time. That's what I want. That's what I think is best for everyone, but still a bit daunting. The key for us is to stay busy. Lots of play dates, bike rides and mornings at the gym. I also just discovered this moms group the other day and have signed up for some programs. All of my at-home mom friends seem to be in other cities so looking forward to meeting a few in my community.

We have a few family weddings this month, including one in Montreal where Joel and I will be spending four nights away from the boys. The longest I've been away from them is one night so this will be a first. They'll be having a blast with their cousins. All prayers and wine donations welcome to my crazy sister-in-law and brother who offered to take them. Did I mention they have 4 kids under 5 of their own? A few days at a friends cottage will finish off July and then August is pretty open. Likely lots of BBQs, trips to the farm and perhaps some camping if I can muster up the courage. I love this time of year and plan to soak up these long days while they last. What are you up to this summer?

*It's now 10:58. I was interrupted by my son who wanted a cuddle in the chair and some reassurance that the vacuuming was all done. I assured him it was. Time for all of us to get some sleep :)*

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Tish said...

Love the pic. Hope your transition goes well. I always have some anxiety over transitions. June and September being the biggest, but minor ones in December and March also worth noting. Mine transition this time has been amazing. Best ever. I hope only the same for you!