Tuesday, August 23, 2011


No, not the restaurant although it is quite good! I'm taking about baby milestones. Or I guess they are toddlers now! Last week Micah took his first real steps. He had taken a few small ones before but it was the first time that he actually walked across the room. Although his main form of transportation is still crawling, he's starting to walk more and more, usually hanging onto something and then taking off until he falls on his knees. He is quite steady and it's fun to watch. Caleb on the other hand, although not so interested in walking yet, is developing quickly in language. His vocabulary is growing and he mimicks many words and sounds. They are both also starting to take off with sign language. While the first few signs seemed to take forever to learn, they are picking it up a lot easier now. A week or so ago, Caleb needed help. Not knowing the sign for "help" I made one up on the spot, tapping my hand on my head. The plan was to look up the real one later, but they both picked up on it right away so now that's the way they ask for help, which they currently love to do! I love how different they are and the things they excel at. This toddler stage is so busy, they are into everything and sometimes I lose my patience. But watching them learn new things and their joy in discovery is wonderful. It makes the hard times so worthwhile. I LOVE that I get a front row seat to their lives. What a privilege!


cheryl said...

you're a good momma! i like this post. great to see you tonight.

Tish said...

Sign language is the best thing ever for babies! Love it.