Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back on the Workout Train

My new BFF...she's pretty hardcore as you can see!

So as you may have read about here I've been struggling a bit with the post-weaning state of my body. I did an intense month of working out in June, didn't see results, got discouraged and took the whole summer off. Looking good or not, I believe exercise is important. Few of us perform labour intensive jobs all day where we're strengthening our bodies the way they need to be. Sure, if you're a farmer, you might not need a separate workout time, but I don't know any. I was also watching a program that talked about how being thin does not equal healthy. They featured one woman who looked quite healthy on the outside, but who didn't exercise and her internal health and percentage of body fat wasn't what it should be. Especially as women, we need some weight bearing exercise to help keep our bones strong. I believe in prevention. Too many season of the Biggest Loser have convinced me that I don't want to become one of those moms who "never took time for myself" (not that there aren't often WAY deeper issues than that) and end up in a life or death situation. I also want to stay as healthy as I can for my family, and, let's be honest, I also want to look the best I can.

So I have a renewed commitment to make time for my workouts. Several years ago I started a little Facebook workout club where we choose a certain amount of time (often a few months) and each person chooses how many workouts they want to complete. Then we check in every two weeks by email and track our progress. It seems to work for me. Although I haven't been perfect, accountability of others works to motivate me. In the past I've printed a calendar and given myself a sticker for each workout... yes, the four year old in me shining through, but it's very satisfying! The workout club is back on and I've commited to 22 by the end of October. So far, one down. A bit of a slow start but I'll get there. The benefit of my boys still napping twice a day is that I do have time, and when they go down to one, I'll make the time. We all have it if we want it... get up earlier, watch one less TV show, say 'no' to something else that's not as important. I'm sure that'll be a struggle when it comes around. I'm hoping to lose a few pounds, tone up a bit and replace a few of my treats with healthy alternatives like fruit. I will enjoy my daily taste of chocolate, the occasional weekend bowl of popcorn or ice cream, but all in moderation. There are many times I fail (like the entire summer) but I think the key is to just pick up where you are and decide to do something today to make it better. And I'm thankful for my growing group of friends commited to staying active and helping to keep me on track!

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Tish said...

My next blog post is also about exercise and your workout club. Thanks for organizing that!