Friday, November 4, 2011


I used to love Halloween. What kid doesn't like free candy right? Then as I grew older it became less and less exciting. I'm not the biggest fan of dressing up and we've never had huge turnouts of kids at our house. But once I had my boys it became a little more exciting again. Last year I wasn't planning on doing too much as my the boys were just over 4 months, but a last minute deal on costumes at Children's Place and a more eager than I expected husband (perhaps because of his new photography hobby?), I was in. We took our two little monkeys to a few neighbours to show them off and didn't get any candy. It was a little too obvious that they wouldn't be the ones eating it.

This year I knew it would be a little more fun with two active toddlers. We bought some Tigger and Poo costumes at a used clothing sale last year. If my boys ever ask me to help them make a costume I will do my best, but for now my less than creative self is thankful for the pre-made, zip them up type. It works for me. As soon as it hit an acceptable time we hit the street. Only about one in four houses in our neighbourhood participate in Halloween but that was plenty for our boys. As they get older we might just have to search out somewhere better to trick-or-treat. The boys loved it. My little Tigger was running up and down the streets and Poo, who is still not quite walking, was happily plunked at each door step waiting for a friendly face to appear. Who doesn't love two adorable little toddlers. I'd take that over pathetically dressed teenagers trying to eek out one more year of free candy, anyday. Call us mean, but we haven't given our boys any of the candy. We figure they aren't old enough to care or miss it so why bother. I've always been pretty conscious about how much sugar they have and they'll be exposed to that stuff soon enough. We did give each of them a bag of chips to play with and shake. I admit that sounds a bit lame but we really couldn't think of a good reason to let them indulge this time around. Next year I know they'll understand better, and yes, we will let them eat candy! I can't wait to see what dynamic little duo we can come up with for next year!

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Tish said...

Believe it or not, I was a not liking Halloween kid. It was painful for me to have to knock on the doors of strangers and dressing up was not my thing. Saying that, I have made an effort for my kids. I do know most love it. We also didn't give our 2 1/2 year old any candy his first two Halloweens. He got six pieces this year and is still working through them. Once we put them away he totally forgot about them and hasn't asked again. our 1year old got some plain m&ms this year, which she loved. But again, easy to limit. Your boys are super cute! Love the Halloween costumes you can get now. And love the theme. I'm already making a list of future matching outfits for my two.