Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Grandma

Me and my Grandma at my family shower in April

I have always been close to my Grandma. Being the first granddaughter after 6 grandsons we seem to have a special bond. She is 93 and my last living grandparent. Thankfully she has enjoyed good health, lived on her own and even golfed regularly. I don't see her a lot as she lives in Ottawa but I've always enjoyed our phone conversations. She is pretty excited about the arrival of our babies.
A few weeks ago my Grandma came to Mississauga for a visit. My mom and I went out for lunch with her and we brought her to our place to show her the nursery. Two days later while staying at my parents, she had a stroke. She was bleeding into her brain and for a day or so we didn't know if she would make it. Thankfully she pulled through and is now doing quite well and recovering in the hospital.
I couldn't imagine my Grandma not meeting my babies. I am incredibly thankful that it looks like that will happen. She is actually staying at the hospital where we will give birth and will likely still be there when the time comes. I know she would have made the trip from Ottawa to come meet them, but now she'll just have to go down one floor to see us which she is excited about. Obviously I wish for her she could be home, but it also nice having her closeby. When Joel and I go for weekly tests at the hospital we now go see her before and after and give her the updates. She keeps asking what hospital I'll be at and is always happily surprised when I tell her it's the same one she's at. I can't wait for her to meet them!


the smiths said...

Glad that she will get to meet them too! None of my grandparents got to meet Ro, but Ben still has 2 grandpas that are alive and kicking - thing is, Ro says she doesn't like them. She says she is scared of them. I think it's because she doesn't see "older" people that much. :)

I heard PMo's baby prediction for your babes - seemingly he is never wrong!

Keep holding on!

Julianne said...

What's PMo's prediction??