Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One of the best moments of my life

In getting back to blogging, I don’t really know where to start. Whether or not anyone reads this, it’s a chance for me to get out some thoughts I can look back on. Since becoming a mom is a huge part of my life, I might as well begin where it began, or at least when I found out about it...

Monday October 12th is a day I will never forget, not because it was Thanksgiving, but because it was the day I saw a little (+) that changed my life forever. Getting pregnant didn’t happen right away for us. I had some disappointments along the way, so this month I wasn’t expecting any different. In fact, my body felt exactly like it did every other month. The night before I was in tears, knowing the letdown I was about to face. I decided to test just so I could get the disappointment over with and move on. Joel had to go into work for a few hours on Thanksgiving morning so I was alone when I tested. I took the test, walked away for the prescribed 5 minutes and came back to the shock of my life....a plus sign!!! I immediately started to shake, ball and express my disbelief to myself over and over. What followed was what felt like the longest few hours of my life... waiting for Joel to get home to share the news. He knew I was testing so I didn’t want to give it away over the phone or when he first arrived through the door. I’m pretty sure my acting job should receive an academy award nomination!

In some ways, that moment seems so long ago and yet I can’t believe I’m only a few weeks away from meeting my babies. Pregnancy is such a bizarre and wonderful thing, growing two little lives inside me. I am grateful for the chance to experience it.


Rich said...

I read Julianne.

Thanks for sharing your journey!

the smiths said...

So cool! :) Thanks for sharing!!