Saturday, October 29, 2011

Advent Wreath

Aside from occassionally opening a calendar of plastic-like chocolates, I haven't done much in the past to prepare for Advent. Now with a family I'd like to start some traditions and thought this wreath was a simple and unique idea. It's handmade by the 15 year-old son of the author of this book I've written about, and 100% of the proceeds go to Compassion. You can't go wrong. There are a limited number so incase you're interested in getting one, you should move quickly. I'm looking forward to the memories and lessons that our family will share together.

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Tish said...

Love the wreath! I might borrow your idea. I was going to make an advent calendar where each day has a piece of the nativity (out of felt) and/or a verse celebrating Jesus. I think though that it might be a project for next year, as my projects for this year are piling up. The wreath seems like a great tradition to start instead.