Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Follow Through.... or lack thereof

I've recently written about several different goals I have for myself and I have to confess they are not going well. I am good at making goals and plans but have never been awesome on the follow through, except for when I said at a young age I would get married and move with my husband to Africa. I checked that one off in the second year of marriage.

One of my goals was to practice gratitude and record one thousand gifts. Sadly, since I've started this in August I'm at a whopping 31. A bit pathetic. It's not that I haven't had anything to be grateful for, but my journal is usually under a pile of books and I honestly don't think of it. New goal? Put my journal in the kitchen and leave it OPEN. I'm really determined to make thankfulness central to my life and clearly have a long way to go.

I've wanted to become a morning person. Well, I've gotten out of bed early to workout a whole.... wait for it.... 2 times. Yikes! I love sleep and have not yet been able to force myself into bed early so if I don't HAVE to get up at 6am, it takes a lot for me to set the alarm. It's a choice that I've simply not made This morning I just happened to wake up at 6am and knew that I'd lie awake in bed until 7am thinking about how I should be working out, (plus I really had to pee!) so I dragged my butt out of bed for a date with Jillian. I still believe the morning is the best time to workout and want to be fit, so I'll keep working on it.

The third goal was to work on living more simply by buying less food. I'm doing okay on this one. There is definitely more space in the freezer and pantry but I've failed a few times buying things I don't need or haven't planned into a meal. Overall I'm feeling pretty good about this one and still working away.

I don't write this to make myself feel guilty. Moms don't need more of that. It's just a mental check-in of where I'm at and a declaration that I will continue to work on these things. Overall life is pretty great these days. We've successfully made it through the one nap transition and I'm happy about that. Life is all about choices and we make hundreds of them a day. Inevitably I will make several bad ones before the sun goes down. I'm the kind of person that once I have a decent string of failures in a certain area I am very tempted to throw in the towel and give up. But no! I will not give up (cue inspiration music!). I will become a grateful person, I will value a healthy lifestyle by actually doing something about it, and I will learn to live more simply. It just looks like I'll be on the long, slow track to getting there, but hopefully the one that results in true transformation. Now excuse me while I go motivate myself by watching the Biggest Loser with a bowl of ice cream.