Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hope on World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS day. I confess I had totally forgot it was coming. My thoughts are on our many friends infected or affected by AIDS. Above is my friend Rebecca who we met when we lived in Zimbabwe. She had been close to dying but was given the opportunity to go on ARVs and has responded well. She is still alive today and we're able to keep in touch occasionally via a friend with email or when friends go to visit. She is just one of the many brave people fighting this awful disease.

It is easy to get overwhelmed or just check out altogether. Many of us don't know people on this side of the world who are infected, but with 34 million people living with it worldwide it's a big deal. Today I have hope. Hope for a cure, hope for a better life for those infected through the help of medication. Hope of support for those caring for orphans or loved ones as they die. There is so much that can be done and I'm proud to be part of an awesome community who is making a difference. Is there more we can do? Absolutely. Are there many days it doesn't even come to mind? Yes! But it's too huge to ignore altogether and I want to do my part. So let's not think that it's too big that we can't do anything about it. Many people I know don't have a choice of whether or not they want to deal with AIDS. We do, and I hope that if you're not already, you'll choose to do something!

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