Thursday, December 15, 2011

What We've Been Up To

No deep thoughts the past week or so, at least no energy to articulate them. There's always something going on in my head. All four of us have been dealing with colds so we've been fairly low key, trying to stay home and rest while not infecting the rest of the world before the holidays. Last Christmas was pretty miserable with illness and hospital stays so we're hoping to get it all over with before then and take another shot at it.

It's pretty hard to do nothing while taking care of toddlers, but I've enjoyed the rare chance lately to just sit (or lie!) on the couch and observe them. They continue to amaze me. Their vocabulary is growing like crazy and they pick up on new words in no time. They are also continuing to grow in their interactions. They call each other brother (more like 'bradda' cute) and Caleb is always looking to see what Micah is up to. If Micah is crying he will often say "Bradda okay?" I love his sweet sensitive spirit and Micah's adventurous playful nature. They are so different. The other day I asked Micah to give Caleb his water. Micah took it from me, handed it to Caleb, said "There you go" or his version of it and Caleb said "Thank you." It was a simple interaction but one that made me very proud of my boys.

Last weekend we went to a Christmas party for families in our area with multiples. I have never seen so many sets of twins and a few triplets too. Although slightly chaotic we had a lot of fun and was nice to see other families who all share something the multiple thing in common. One family had two sets of twins...girls about 3 years old and girls about 4 months old. They put us all to shame! The boys had their first interaction with Santa and not surprisingly he was not a hit. Caleb was shaking in fear. Maybe next year or maybe not. Do those pictures ever turn out well?

We're looking forward to the holidays, Christmas with both sides of our family and time to relax away from the usual routines of life.

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