Sunday, September 23, 2012

A New Adventure

As of tomorrow our family will be on a new adventure. We are leading and hosting a group from our church each week. Because we're such a large church, it's hard to develop a sense of community on Sunday mornings so these groups provide people with a smaller family to connect with and grow spiritually. We've been part of an awesome group for several years, which has provided us with some great friends. But with growing numbers and feeling the need to be a little less comfortable we decided to start our own. Also selfishly, we didn't want to have to get babysitters so hosting was ideal. Our other group was in the city next to us so naturally most of the friends we made were from there. We always found ourselves driving west to spend time with people. And although we're still happy to make the drive we wanted to start building friendships in our own community. Our city is very diverse and we're excited to engage in it. As our sign-up sheet indicated today, there is definitely a need. We made a last-minute shopping trip tonight to increase our mug supply :)

So we're stepping out of our introverted comfort zones and opening our home to strangers who we're hoping will eventually be family.  The bathrooms are clean, the floors are mopped, the baking is done and the plan is in place. We're excited to see who walks in the door tomorrow night and the ways we'll be challenged to love and serve them, especially on nights when we won't really feel like it. Those often end up being the best ones. There is always that sense of anticipation before something new. I'm ready to jump in!

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