Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week Two

I haven't been blogging as much as planned but this has been a particularly busy month.  We are hosting (and leading!) a small group for our church that starts next week and have been working our way through the to-do list to get the house ready. Here's how my month of changes has been going in the midst of it all.

Food. This has been the easiest. Thankfully the headaches are gone and so are the cravings for the most part. Would I like some chocolate? Yes. But I can live without it pretty easily. We successfully avoided the dessert table at a family BBQ and when hosting a games night last weekend I ate apple sauce while everyone enjoyed snacks. Surprisingly easier than I thought. It makes me realize how much I eat junk, especially socially, simply because it's there. My goal when this is over is to just stick to things I really enjoy. As an unexpected bonus I've lost about three pounds, not that I'm expecting it all to stay off come October. And I still have some work to do in having healthy snacks around (thanks Robin for your ideas!).

TV and Internet. I really don't think about Facebook any more except connecting with a few friends. I do miss TV, especially when I'm folding laundry or have run out of energy at night but for the most part we've had too much to do to even think about it.

Journalling. Well, let's just say this hasn't been going as planned. I haven't quite mastered the discipline of just sitting, being quiet and writing. We've been having some pretty big discussions about major life things and definitely involving God in that which has been good. But I still seem to be lacking my awareness of him throughout my day. Once again, a work in progress!

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