Monday, September 10, 2012

The End of Week One

Well, here we are at the end of week one of my September month of changes. It's had its challenges but overall the week wasn't as bad as I thought. Here's how it's been going....

Food. I've stuck with not eating any extra sugar, salt or junk food. I've started eating this cereal most mornings, with some almonds and a banana instead of my usual peanut butter and jam sandwich (weird I know, but I generally don't like breakfast food unless it involves bacon). Lunches have mostly consisted of salad with home made dressing. Dinners have been less processed and healthy although we did splurge on weekend pizza. I often forget to snack in between so am trying to keep some nuts on the counter or grab some fruit. I have yet to cut up a bunch of vegetables I bought a week ago so I haven't been eating as much as I should. I can't say I've really missed the junk. A few days I've wanting to reach into the chocolate chip bag but easily resisted. The hardest part has been the headaches I've been getting pretty much daily. I'm sure it's due to my diet changes and hopefully they'll go away soon.

TV and Internet. I haven't watched any TV at home except sitting with my boys when they watch Super Why (the best kids show ever!). They're allowed to watch it while I make lunch or dinner so usually I'm busy but like to grab a free moment for cuddles when I can. I've also watched a few minutes while I've been working out at the gym, but neither of these count as cheating for me. I've logged onto Facebook a few times to respond to things but haven't lingered to read updates. Again, all within my boundaries. Although there is still lots to do on the Internet I am definitely spending less time on it. There have been several times in the evenings where we've just wanted to relax and watch TV. That has been the hardest part. The beginning of the week was rough as the evenings were full with chores, preparing for school etc. and didn't feel restful at all. We were tired and grumpy. By the time the weekend came we were able to enjoy some great conversations, an at-home steak date night, and win a game of Sequence or two....not that I'm competitive or anything ;) Tomorrow is the season premier of my favourite show so I'll have to distract myself with something exciting. Overall, this area has been the biggest challenge and success of the week and yielded the greatest pay-off. I already know I want to make permanent changes to our TV habits.

Journalling. It's been going okay. I enjoy writing and have managed to get pen to paper three evenings. I've also finally gotten back to my journal of one thousand gifts. (I started this a year ago and it comes and goes from my radar....getting close to 100 which is a pretty good indicator of how it's been neglected.) I'm a huge fan of gratitude. I am slowly reconnecting with God although still trying to figure out what works for us. I rebel a bit at the Christian idea of "quiet time" (okay, that whole phrase actually makes me cringe but more on that another time). I think time with God is all the time and want to be more aware of him in my everyday life. But I can pretty easily go through most of the day without acknowledging or thinking about him. Definitely a work in progress.

So, week one has done what it's supposed to do. It's gotten me off my butt and moving in the right direction. Change is never easy and good things are often hard. I'm okay with that. I'm probably still in the honeymoon phase and will get tired of it all, but am hopeful by the end I'll be feeling great.

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Walker said...

doing awesome, proud of you!