Friday, October 19, 2012

A Lazy Day

It may have taken me until about 2pm to get out of my PJs today. I woke up with a sore throat and feeling crummy. I was close to sending the boys to their babysitter and having a day to myself, but true to the norm for me, it's always the worst when I first get up. And some Tylenol helped. I told the boys mommy wasn't feeling well and they needed to try their best to cooperate today. They've been awesome. Nothing about today is anything to write about in a parenting magazine. We watched Youtube videos and I tried to sneak in little two minute naps between switching to new ones. The boys played in the play room while I lay on the couch upstairs and watched TV (I know, one of the many benefits to twins!). They watched their first ever episode of Sesame Street. We had macaroni from a box for. We have yet so step foot outdoors. But I don't feel bad. Days like this are rare and I don't always have to be on my A game.

Yesterday when our plans for the gym were changed due to our "poopy incident' (I didn't want to call over the PA system to clean up a second mess) we also stuck close to home. We took the wagon to the library across the street, we stopped by the slides in our little park and the boys rode their tricycles.  I find it's generally easier to take my boys out to do something in the morning, but I forgot how fun and meaningful it can be to be around home together. Whether it's some creative, well-planned activity (let's be honest, those are rare!) or a lazy day in our PJs, I get to share life with my boys and I'm grateful.

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