Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dealing With Stress

This has not been the best week of our lives. It started off with some disappointments and emotional decisions. Then a boy throwing up in the night (which I didn't know about at the time, thanks to my awesome husband and some ear plugs). Then dealing with similar bodily fluids down my shirt and hair and an understandably upset boy while trying to get out of the door for an appointment. While driving to that appointment I hear on the news that my husband's company is laying off hundreds and hundreds of  people. Thankfully he still has a job. Today it was dealing with an enormous amount other bodily fluids running onto the floor and up my son's back, trying to give them both a bath (because if one gets a bath the other wants one too right?) and cleaning up the mess. Also, losing it on my son who was frustrated for some unknown reason and lashed out at me physically. I was not proud of how I dealt with it.

It's all par for the course. Being a mom involves having your patience tried multiple times a day and cleaning up things you'd never imagine. Being human involves feeling sad, frustrated and disappointed. I don't expect to be spared from any of that but it's still tough in the moment. J and I have both been exhausted this week with nothing extra in the tank to give. So how do I deal with stress? I think it's safe to say after this week that I'm an emotional eater. On Monday it was a chocolate croissant and some KFC for lunch. The feeling left in my stomach for the rest of the day probably wasn't worth the five minutes of fried chicken indulgence. The next day it was mini chocolate bars, chips and cheesies, followed by ice cream that night. Yesterday was more chips and cheesies. Last night I just felt gross. While I'm all for the occasional treat, I had gone way past moderation. I'm pretty that this week I found those six pounds that I lost last month!

One thing I do find helps with stress is exercise and recently I've been loving to swim. Yesterday in my daze I drove right past the gym exit without realizing it, but managed to eventually get myself in the pool and knock off several dozen laps. I loved zoning out, feeling weightless and getting the blood pumping. While there have been lots of wonderful little moments this week, it has been tough and I'm hoping next week is a bit more normal. If not, I'm pretty sure I'll have to lock up the junk and get out the fruit. How do you deal with stress?

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Tish said...

Getting caught up on my blogs reading this morning, as we won't be making church due to our owns in the night circumstances. Anyway, I deal with stress like you... Eat. I've been off the rails for the past couple of weeks due to all the teacher hype in the workplace, reporting, emotional anniversary date, and just trying to keep up with the regular day to day activities involved with parenting and job responsibilities. In the past my number one rule has to not keep any trigger foods in the house. But alas, since having kids that rule has gone out the window. Looking to 'treat' them has become a foot in the door for my horrible choices. Hubby and I just talked this week that after our birthday party celebrations this weekend, we won't be allowing any of those 'treats' back in the house. If I cookies, crackers, and other sweet things make my stomach and body feel less than great, the same is probably true of my kids. Out it will go.