Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sweet Potato Quinoa Chili

I love finding good recipes to add to my collection. I found this on Pinterest the other day. Most recipes take me awhile to get around to but I knew I wanted to try this one right away. I'm a big fan of sweet potatoes, black beans and quinoa and to me this recipe is the perfect healthy meal.

You can find the original recipe here. The only changes I made were I used chicken stock instead of vegetable stock (making it no longer vegan) since I didn't have any around. I also cut some fresh corn off the cob and added it in. It probably took closer to 30 minutes to cook the sweet potatoes and quinoa.

We are usually a bit lazy with our cooking on the weekend but while J played with the boys in the play room I had an uninterrupted hour to work on this. Plus he chopped the onion and garlic which is not my favourite job. My verdict? Delicious! I can't wait to have it again for dinner tomorrow night!

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Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing! :)